One bitchpuppy was born 03.09.16. Her parents are ES UCH Rannerdale Lord Charles and Zevista's Amelie.

Zevista's Amélie and ES UCH Rannerdale Lord Charles are expecting puppies in the beginning of September❤️

A new litter born

A lovely litter of 2 boys and 3 bitches were born 28th of July. Proud parents are CIB SE FI DK NO UCH SEV-13 SEV-14 NOV-14 Windcrest Stylish Move and N DK UCH Zevista's The One And Only.

More pictures of the puppies, see Puppies.

A new Champion😃

Zevista's Dream A Little Dream-"Aria" gained her Norwegian Championtitle at NKK-Bergen for judge Béla Siklósi. 


We are planning two or three litters in 2016. Hopefully the first litter will be born in July/August.

Zevista's Amelie - "Lizzy" will be mated to ES UCH Rannerdale Lord Charles.

N DK UCH Zevista's The One And Only - "Sophie", will be mated in June with the beautiful DK FI N SE UCH NV-14 Windcrest Stylish Move❤️



Zevista's Dream A Little Dream - "Aria", will  also be mated in 2016. Her date is planned to be the beautiful C.I.B NORD UCH Joyland's Magic Touch.  


Cala - sept. 2015

6. sep, 2015

European Dog Show 2015

Cala-Zevista's Sweet November was Best of Breed Junior at European Dog Show 2015.

6. sep, 2015

European Dog Show 2015

Aria-Zevista's Dream A Little Dream won the intermediate class at European Dog Show, and she also won the Res.Cac.

Aria - sept. 2015